Millwright Services

At IPS, the millwright division is very well rounded and comprised of some of the most experienced individuals in the field. Our experience covers a broad range of services that allow us to handle a wide range of industrial equipment needs. Working closely with equipment OEM’s, insures that all specs and tolerances are adhered to. Alignment and leveling instrumentation used at IPS is the most precise the market offers. From automotive to food processing equipment, we have the people, the instrumentation, and expertise to perform any aspect of equipment setting and installation. Our millwright division provides services throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

IPS millwrights have extensive experience with equipment such as: setting up and installing die-casting machines, conveying and material handling equipment, injection molding machines, metal forming / rolling / stamping equipment, complex paper manufacturing machinery, printing presses, heat treating and annealing furnaces, CNC machinery, metal coating / galvanizing lines, robotic or automated welding cells, assembly lines, rubber mixers, banbury equipment, extrusion lines, lab / test equipment, medical equipment, paint / coating systems, as well as sorting equipment.